Migrate Your Account

Please read the FAQ below before continuing!

Migration FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers who purchased on or before February 31, 2020 need to migrate your account.


Have you already Migrated your Account? 

Yes - Click here to login

No - Read below, then click the "Let's Migrate Your Courses..." button above.

How do I Migrate My Account?

You need the Migration Email as it contains redemption codes that have been assigned to your account.

When am I going to get the migration email?

All of the Migration Emails went out the first of February 2020. You should have already received your migration email!

I did not receive the Migration Email?

  1. Subject of the email is "Stay The Course - Migrate Your Account"
  2. Did you check your SPAM & Trash Folder in your email client?
    NOTE: We had a number of people mistype their email address when they purchased so it is possible you never received an email from us.
  3. Click "Let's Migrate Your Courses" above to have the email resent to you!

I received the Migration Email but what do I do?

  1. Did you follow the Steps in the Migrate Your Account Article?
  2. Do you still need assistance? Click the "Help?" icon in the lower right of this page and submit a support ticket. 

Some of the courses I purchased are missing, what do I do?

Click the "Let's Migrate Your Courses" button above and follow the steps or click the "Help?" Icon in the lower right of this page and submit a support ticket.